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Silent Hill; Ultimate Cast

What is your Ultimate Casting for Silent Hill the movie?

Not who would you choose to play the roles in the movie that's actually being made, but what actors would you pick to play the characters from the actual games?

I've gotten as far as a young Harrison Ford as Harry.

Ken Kirzinger is kind of an obvious Pyramid head, but that's just because he's a gigantic stuntman.
Who would be a good Eddie, most of the fat actors are comedians, and the meaner ones are too old.... Hmm...
If he was whiter I think Jorge Garcia (from LOST, see below) could pull it off.
The only Eddie I can think of right now is Jack Black, but he actually cleans up decently.
Actually, I know of someone who's irritating and chubby and very white, they'd just need to make him meaner. Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Sorry about the stream of thought style, I'm caffeinated and don't work tomorrow, hee hee.

Ooh! How about Tilda Swinton as Claudia! She played the White Witch in Narnia and Gabriel in Constantine.
While I'm thinking of Narnia how about Georgie Henley (Lucy) as Cheryl and then Anna Popplewell (Susan) as Heather?

Hmmm, I need to make a list of characters..... Especially for The Room!
Morgan Freeman as Ghost Number 3! *snicker*

..............ugh.... I just imagined Walter with a Tuxedo on under his over coat.
Singing a lounge version of the SH3 song, with the ghosts fading out of the curtains behind him doing the can-can. Agh! Curse my mind! Another one.... back to casting...

Let's see, my cast built from LOST actors.
Evangeline Lilly is Cybil
Mira Furlan is Dahlia
Matthew Fox is James
Maggie Grace is Mary
Ian Somerhalder is... Vincent maybe?
Terry O'Quinn is Douglas
Josh Halloway is Walter (that one's REAL obvious)

So uh, who is your One True Casting for the characters?
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