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So I somehow managed to NOT post these here! I really thought I had! I spent several good months studying symboulism and Tarot and conjured up these theories about Silent Hill. I think there is editing to be done, but for the most part, they are complete.


There are three sections to the post:

Symbolism in the 21 Sacraments Part One

The eight spears each represent one of the 8 themed murders, 12-19.


On their own, each of these has a distinct symbolic nature, and all begin with a capitalized letter in the 21 Sacraments part of the Bible.

The Spear – The spears in the game look like the Spear of Longinus in the Evangelion anime, though neither look nothing like the actual spear of Longinus (Lance of Longinus) which was used to spear the side of Jesus Christ on the crucifix to assure that he was dead.
The SH4 spears, like the Eva ones, seem to be made of two separate spirals that wrap around one another like a caduceus. (That’s how they looked to me, anyway) This symbol is usually two snakes curled around Mercury’s wand. It represents moral equilibrium and good conduct . . . which is odd, when you think of it in regards to Walter. I suppose young Walter and long-coat Walter are a moral equilibrium because on one hand, you’ve got innocence and goodness, and then there’s murderous Walt. It, as a whole, represents (much like Yang-Yin symbols) opposing forces balancing one another out.
The spears also remind me of DNA, but I don’t really know what they are meant to represent.
This is super far out there, it was just a thought!

Void – I’m going to regard the void as an abyss and pull symbolism from that since void isn’t in this symbol dictionary be I find voids and the abyss to be closely related. I mean, it’s a sort of indescribable lack of all matter. A void means something is missing and can be viewed as an abyss, do you not agree?
The abyss, like most symbols, has “dual significance.” It can be regarded as a symbol of inferiority, or a symbol of depth itself. The Land of the Dead is directly tied to the abyss, as they tend to be seen as one in the same. It is also associated greatly with the Great Mother. Interesting, no?
Void Victim, Peter Wells was void as a human being. His life concerned smoking weed and being empty. His own personal abyss can be interpreted as the window he was pulled through that led him to his death.

Darkness – Though we now tend to associate darkness with doom and gloom, it’s original meaning is generally quite the opposite! It relates to chaos and “mystic nothingness.” Until light is introduced, it is regarded as a sort of void where chaos as well as good can spring forth. In opposition to light, only then, does darkness become a symbol of evil.
Representing darkness, we have a housewife who has lost her family to the cult. I think rather than Sharon representing darkness, she was drawn to it (the cult and her missing family) and it brought forth her destruction.

Gloom – (unknown symbolism) In my own interpretation, it makes perfect sense that the Gloom victim is Archbolt, a priest who has strayed from the proper path (because even The Order has a correct path, damn it! Ask Claudia, she’ll tell ya.) and reminded Walter of his own stolen childhood. Archbolt reopened the Wish House, and due to his like of underage girls, probably abused many of the children that went through it. Being raised in by Wish House, I’m sure Walter saw his fair share of hard times and abused and neglected children and people like Archbolt and Rosten who were responsible for these abominations.

Despair – (unknown symbolism) Who really NEEDS to be told about despair? It’s a dark human emotion brought forth by dark events and is marked by the feeling of hopelessness. Joseph Schreiber, towards the end of his life, despaired greatly! He was trapped in the room that was haunted and he was losing his mind! This really doesn’t need much explanation, guys . . .

Temptation – Another self-explanatory one . . .

Source – Ya got me. I have NO idea. Maybe it has something to do with the fire? Fire represents transcendence and it shares some symbolism with light, which is “equated with the spirit.” The source of Jasper’s light was the flames . . . okay, so I’m going in a circle . . . I give up on this one.

Watchfulness – Again, do I have to explain this one? He WATCHED the children and did nothing about their mistreatment or suffering and was punished rightfully so!

Chaos – Represents the soul of the world itself because it is the creator of all things, good or bad. (Roman/Greek.) Hindus regard it as containing immortality along with evil and death. Alchemists regard chaos as the “prime matter.” It is “identified with the unconscious” and is “related to the colour black.” “It is better to regard chaos as the state preceding the condition of the unconscious.”
And is Braintree EVER the best person to reflect chaos! He is evil and he is cruel to those around him, but for some reason he seems to feel the need to stop Walter’s evil. Strange!


1: Jimmy Stone
Symbolizes “being and of the revelation to men of the spiritual essence.” It is “equated with the mystic Centre, the Irradiating Point and the Supreme Power.” It is related to unity and therefore is also “the symbol of divinity.”
2: Bobby Randolph
Represents many things! “Echo, reflection, conflict and counterpoise or contraposition.” It relates to “the passage of time” and dualism as well as symbolizing balance between good and evil and life and death.

3: Sein Martin
It seems that three “is the formula for the creation of each world.” “It expresses . . . the growth of unity within itself.” It is closely associated to Heaven because of the Holy Trinity.

4: Steve Garland
Four is an important number and represents many shapes that are made up of four side and/or points, such as the square. It symbolizes “the human situation” and “rational organization.”

5: Rick Albert
Five represents Man itself and “health and love.” “Geometrically, it is the pentagram,” which is a symmetrical shape. Oddly enough, Man is symmetrical, too. It relates to the five senses.

6: George Rosten
First off, I’ll tell you why I think he’s the sixth. Christian belief denotes 6 as the devil’s number and Walter viewed Rosten as a devil. Makes sense to me!
Six represents virginity, the scales, the “union of two triangle (of fire and water) and equilibrium.” It symbolizes the human soul.

7: Billy Locane
Seven is regarded as “perfect order, a complete . . . cycle.” It represents many good things as well as pain. Seven relates to the 7 sins and the 7 virtues.

8: Miriam Locane
Eight is related to regeneration, and the number itself is the symbol of infinity. It is the balance of opposing forces, as with the caduceus and “the eternally spiralling movement of the heavens.”

9: William Gregory
“The triplication of the triple . . . it is therefore a complete image of the three worlds.”
Hebrews regard it is a symbol of truth. It is representational of the “intellectual and the spiritual.”

10: Eric Walsh
“Symbolic, in decimal system, of the return to unity.” You have one as a digit again, you see? You can either regard it as the return of unity (because of one) or a brand spanking new series of numbers that are 2 digits long. Some regard ten as “the totality of the universe – both metaphysical and material – since it raises all things to unity.”
It represents perfection.
11: Walter Sullivan
“Symbolic of transition, excess and peril and of conflict and martyrdom.” I’ll be damned! That is perfectly suiting, is it not? It can be regarded as “infernal” because it is the perfect number plus excess and also “stands for incontinence.” Because of how it looks when written, however, it is 1 and 1, so it relates to 2. It is representational of antithesis and inversion.

12: Peter Walls
Representational to circles and wheels somehow, as well as “space and time.” It’s the number of Zodiac signs (any kind) and is “symbolic of cosmic order and salvation.”

13: Sharon Blake
Apparently, 13 represents death and birth and this is where it gains its “negative implications.” To me, however, death and birth point to the circle of life and/or reincarnation, so why should it be a bad thing?

14: Toby Archbolt
“Stands for fusion and organization and also for justice and temperance.” Well . . . isn’t there anything else? That seems a bit short, don’t you think? There must be something more!

15: Josheph Schreiber
Associated with the devil and “is markedly erotic.” Walty, I think you mixed up Toby and J-man! This is totally backwards . . . it would make much more sense to be the other way around . . .

The book I have neglects 16 and up, but says to regard them in relation to their Tarot counterparts.
Pish! I was going to do that SEPARATELY! Urgh . . . well, well . . . I guess I can give you my take on it, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be scientific or anything.

16: Cynthia Velasquez
Well, here you have 1 (unity) sitting right next to 6 (virginity as well the human soul.) So . . . umm . . .I have no fucking clue.
What I think is this: 16 is a big number for girls because it means you’re finally permitted (in Western culture) to be sexy and considered womanly, rather than childlike and innocent. It is like the entrance to the adult world, and Cynthia represents Temptation. Makes sense to me!

17: Jasper Gein
You’d think this would be somehow lucky since it’s 1 and 7, which are both good numbers. 1+7=8, immortality, eternity . . . I really dunno. Two quaternary shapes . . . fuck if I know.

18: Andrew DeSalvo
1 and 8 are good numbers and 1+8=9, which represents the three worlds . . . DeSalvo isn’t worthy of the number.
My take: 18 (in Western culture) means you are entering the adult world for good. Walter didn’t have much regard for adults since most of them treated him badly, and DeSalvo isn’t exactly a model example for children . . .

19: Richard Braintree
I have no clue

20: Eileen Galvin
Seems great, right, it’s like perfection TWICE! 20=2+0=2, which is also very good. Sounds like a prefect, prefect number! Suits Eileen in my head.

21: Henry Townshend
“Expresses the reduction of a conflict.” Perfect for Hen-chan . . .

Symboulism in The 21 Sacraments II

Tarot Theory in depth: Inspired by Psychic Silent Hill’s Tarot Theory.

There are 21 numbered major Arcana in the Tarot deck and one sort of numbered card – 0 The Fool. If you look it up, there are “22 mysteries,” zero through twenty one. Since we have 21 murders, let’s see how well a full-blown Tarot theory would hold up! Since there is no zero murder, I’ll regard 0 as child Walter.

00121 – Child Walter
The first psychological death is Walter’s innocence, stolen by Jimmy Stone and his right-hand man. Let’s see how he fits the 0 card:
0: The Fool
Technically, this card goes last in the order of the Tarot, but I’m putting it here ‘cuz I want to. Bite me!
“The significance of [the fact that The Fool is un-numbered] is that the Fool is to be found on the fringe of all orders and systems in the same way as the Centre of the Wheel of Transformations is ‘outside’ movement, becoming and change.” The fact that he is carrying something with him, the bag on his staff, is interpreted as the burden he is carrying and his unconscious side is being attacked, but he is numb to it. This alludes to him losing his “lucidity.” However, it seems that “there is nothing definite to suggest that the Fool cannot be saved.” Which is inspiring for me because yay, Walter has a chance!
General interpretations: “The microcosm, the sum of All-in-All.”
The Fool plays the part the ritual sacrifice of humans. Strange that it’s so very fitting of him. I suppose this better seems to represent Walter’s subconscious conscience (say the 3 times fast!) as something that is very fragile and seems to teeter on the edge of being saved, and being consumed.

01121 – Jimmy Stone
1: The Minstrel (Magician)
“The symbol of the original activity and the creative power of Man.” The card itself has all 4 symbols of the Tarot deck and represents all 4 elements. “These attributes symbolize mastery over a given situation.” His “predominant colour is red – denoting activity.”
General interpretations: “Signifies the Being, the spirit, creation.”
It seems to fit Jim quite well. Predominately red for the Red Devil himself and dominance. Yup yup. I think this one clicks nicely.

02121 – Bobby Randolph
2: The ArchPriestess (High Priestess, High Priestess)
Protecting your unconscious self is the High Priestess. This card can mean to look at things from different perspectives and to see the whole picture. It is passive, but open to new possibilities . The High Priestess represents intelligence, intuition and deals with seeking out the hidden secrets and unknown.

General interpretations: “Sanctuary, the law, knowledge, woman, the mother, the church.” Reversed – Stupidity, ignorance and conceit are some of the negative things that can go with this card.

Well, Bobby was a seeker of the unknown: The Occult and this card seems to fit him. Too bad for him he lacked the intuition that would have let him know that Walter was gonna off him!

13121 – Sein Martin
3: The Empress
“In the positive sense, this playing-card denotes ideal, sweetness, domination by affective persuasion. In the negative sense, it stands for vanity and seduction.”
General interpretations: “The Word, fecundity, generation in all three worlds.”
I would have a hard time making an argument for this one. It doesn’t seem to fit at all. We know very little about Sein other than he was into the occult and met Walter and wanted to meet the Devil.
I suppose, in a way, he was vain, not taking Walter seriously and treating the Cult as if were some sort of game.

04121 – Steve Garland
4: The Emperor
This card shows the Emperor with representations of the 4 Elements as well as intensity. The intensity thing comes from the fact that he wears mostly red. The card is interpreted as concerning “magnificence, energy, power, law and severity; and, on the negative side, domination and subjection.”
General interpretations: “The door, initiation, power, the cubic stone or its base.”
Steve is a very intense person, fiery by nature and certainly seems to be suited by this card. The severity, energy, domination; all of those things seem to fit the way that he treated humans, but his intensity can also be regarded as his passion for animals. This one clicks!

05121 – Rick Albert
5: The ArchPriest (High Priest; Hierophant; Great Priest)
A seeker of truth and meaning is the High Priest. The card encourages leaving the past behind and achieving a higher level of spiritual understanding. It can stand for pursuing knowledge/education, seeking deep meanings, “learning a religious tradition.” [learntarot.com] The Hierophant is group focused and tends to believe in conformity and fitting in with the group.
General interpretations: “Information, proof, philosophy and religion.”

06121 – George Rosten
6: The Lover
This character wears an equal amount of green and red. The red can represent activity and intensity as well as other things, and the green is for neutral and indecisiveness. Positive meaning is about making the correct choice and can be seen as “moral beauty and integrity.” On the flip side, “it alludes to uncertainty and temptation.”
General interpretations: “enmeshment, union, antagonism, equilibrium, combination.”
In relation to the game, I take the negative side with this card. Rosten is the man that “enmeshed” Valtiel into Walter. The double meaning of this card suits him as well, the man who raised Walter, but was tempted to turn the child into the vessel to carry out the 21 Sacraments.

07121 – Billy Locane
7: The Chariot
Interestingly enough this card can represent duality with all of its little “allegorical” symbols. It’s “associated with concepts of self-control, progress and victory.” The driver of the Chariot represents “the higher principles of Man’s nature.”
General interpretations: “The weapon, the sword, triumph and majesty.”
Other than the fact that the chairty is drawn by a two-headed beast, and the Locane’s become the double-headed baby monsters, there seems not to be much relative to Billy in this card. Then again, we don’t really know much about him. Hrm!
Also, the duality part can be interpreted as Billy and Miriam’s split soul, since they are twins.

08121 – Miriam Locane
8: Justice
The woman of Justice holds scales in one hand and scales in the other, creating dual meaning in the card. The sword represents “psychic decisiveness, and the Word of God.” Her scales represent “equilibrium of good and evil.” More than relating to judgement of others, she tends to represent intrinsic judgement and morality. Also, is represents the “mechanism involved in the process of determining guilt.”
General interpretations: “The scales, attraction and repulsion, the path or way, promise and threat.”
Oddly enough, Walter is only charged with and found guilty of the deaths of Billy and Miriam. The girl was brutally disfigured, leading one to wonder if Walter wanted her to stop making him feel guilty. That’s a stretch, though. Just my opinion . . .

09121 – William Gregory
9: The Hermit
The Hermit wears a black and blue cloak and carries a lantern that is half-covered by the cloak. There is a serpent in his path, but he doesn’t fret. Instead, he “charms it into twining itself round his staff.” “Master of the invisible.”
Good side: “Signifies tradition, study, reserve, patient and profound work.”
Bad side: “Stands for all that is taciturn, tedious and meticulous.”
General interpretations: “Good, morality, wisdom.”
Suiting for the intelligent clock-repair man, isn’t it? His work is certainly “tedious and meticulous.” This is a very suitable card for him.

10121 – Eric Walsh
10: The Wheel of Fortune
Symbolizes “the constructive and destructive forces of existence.” Apparently, it alludes “to the mystery of all things and the intermingling of the disparate.”
This card is full of allegorical pictures and seems to be related to the number 2, as if “expresses the equilibrium of the contrary forces of contraction and expansion – the principle of polarity.”
General interpretations: “Manifestation, fecundity, the paternal sceptre.”
I’ve got no clue. This is a confusing card, so I really don’t know how well it works. It does seem contradictory, as was Eric’s death, on his birthday. Irony at its best . . .

11121 – Walter Sullivan
11: Strength
“The queen [on the card] does not slay the lion, but clasps it to her bosom having stunned it with her club, signifying that one must not despise the inferior, but master it and put it to good use. There is an echo here of the alchemists’ belief that what is base must not – and indeed cannot – be destroyed, it must be transmutated into what is superior. In the affirmative sense, this enigma symbolizes the triumph of intelligence over brutality; in the negative, it denotes insensibility and fury.”
General interpretations: “The hand in the act of taking and sustaining.”
The fact that Walter wants to be able to leave his body and pretty much “transmutate into what is superior,” speaks for itself, as well as the fury that can be represented by this card. Also, that it can be interpreted as a positive and a negative, can be related to his dual personalities. I think it suits Walter well.

12121 – Peter Walls
12: The Hanged Man
To some, signifies the way that man separates the gods into their heavens, and man isolated on earth. The Hanged Man has magical powers as he is inverted, reminding us of how Odin hung himself as a sacrificial offering to himself.
Can represent suffering and longing,
The man has his arms bound and his bag is spilling gold coins out, believed to symbolize “the spiritual treasures to be found in the being who performs self-sacrifice.”
Good: “Stands for mysticism, sacrifice, self-denial, continence.”
Bad: “Denotes a Utopian dream-world.”
General interpretations: “An example, teaching, a public lesson.”
Well, the whole “a public lesson” thing fits here. Walter punished him for being void of anything, save for his drug habit. The guy pretty much did sacrifice himself to his drugs and threw his life away. The card in it’s negative implications suits Eric.

13121 – Sharon Blake
13: Death
This one is a bit confusing. It seems to represent that death is the beginning of life. The “source of life.” It can also signify rebirth, it seems . . .
General interpretations: “Domination and strength, rebirth, creation and destruction.”
I suppose it fits in that, Sharon created he family, which was destroyed, then she was killed and returned to them. In hope, she will be reborn to care for her family again.

14121 – Toby Archbolt
14: Temperance
Interestingly enough, the card has a “winged being, clad in a red tunic and a cloak.” It is suggestive of “eternal life, and ceaseless circulation through formation, regeneration and purification.”
General interpretations: “The season, the flux and flow of life, always different yet always the same.”
This seems very unfitting for such bad man! I sure as hell hope he isn’t recirculated into another carnation! Damn . . .

15121 – Joseph Schreiber
15: The Devil
“The aim of the devil is regression or stagnation in what is fragmentary, inferior, diverse and discontinuous.” It is also “related to desire in all its passionate forms, the magic arts, disorder and perversion.”
Okay, compare this to the number symbols as well. I have a feeling there has been a mistake in the numberings! Toby should be switched with Joseph Schreiber! If their numbers were switched everything makes perfect sense! Joseph was the pervert who liked underage girls, and Joseph is the one who is more suitable for the 14th Card. Hrm . . .General interpretations: “Magic, eloquence, commerce, mystery.”

16121 – Cynthia Velasquez
16: The Tower (Struck by Lightning)
My, my, a suitable card if there ever was one! Listen to this! Half of the tower is destroyed because it’s been struck by lightning and it’s falling apart. The bricks falling from it hit a king and the architect of the tower himself. Now, this symbolizes “the dangerous consequences of over-confidence – or the sin of pride, with its related symbolism of the Tower of Babel.” The card is related to “Megalomania, the wild pursuit of fanciful ideas, and small-mindedness.”
General interpretations: “Sudden subversion, weakness.”
Cynthia was most definitely prideful and over-confident. It is evident when she insults Walter and doesn’t think of the consequences. She is simple-minded and treats the world he pulls her into as nothing but a dream, rather than taking it seriously. When it seems to be more than just a dream, she depends on Henry to protect her, rather than defending herself.

17121 – Jasper Gein
17: The Stars
“Seems to [express] . . . the intercommunication of the different worlds.” “Represents the soul uniting spirit with matter.”
General interpretations: “Effusion of thought, the moral influence of the idea upon forms, immortality.”
Well, Jasper here was interested in the occult and the spirit world so it seems to me, a simple, but fitting card for a simple man.

18121 – Andrew DeSalvo
18: The Moon
This symbolic card seems to have many negative implications! It has several representations of warnings to the moon not to interfere with the world of the sun. It has significant fatal representations and “alludes to error, arbitrary fantasy, imaginative sensitvity.” It is a negative cards!
General interpretations: “The Elements, the visible world, reflected light, material forms, symbolism.”
Who could be more negative than the watchful DeSalvo? I hate him . . .

19121 – Richard Braintree
19: The Sun
The sun has mostly positive implications. It provides light and heat, etc. But I’ll tell you the negatives because they suit Braintree. “Stands for vanity or an idealism incompatible with reality.”
General interpretations: “The head, the summit, the prince of heaven.”
Well, well! Idealism that’s incompatible with reality? How perfect for the man that lives in an apartment complex, yet complains about all the things that are normal for such a place! Ass . . .

20121 – Eileen Galvin
20: The Judgement
Represents “the resurrection of the dead in the valley of Jehosaphat, when the angel of the Apocalypse sounds the last trump . . . the angel, by means both of his light and of his trumpet-call, ‘awaken’ the latent desire for resurrection in the man who has fallen into iniquity.”
Good: “Stands for illumination, regeneration, healing and resurrection.”
Bad: “Hot-headedness and Dionysiac ecstasy.”
General interpretations: “Vegetation, the generative virtues of the soil.”
Well, Eileen certainly seems to fit perfectly with this card. Like the angel, she wishes to rescue the soiled soul of Walter. She wants to heal him. She is to be regenerated as the mother, so this is one of the best representations of all 22!

21121 – Henry Townshend
21: The World
The World represents one performing a service to others. It brings parts together to create a whole and works to make a dream become fulfilled. It’s about finding a solution to a problem. This card represents someone who is enlightened, such as Henry, the Receiver of Wisdom. Interestingly enough, learntarot.com says “As an enlightened person, you have responsibility to put your knowledge into action. Others will seeks you guidance.” “Well, well, Hen-chan! Walter called! He said he needs some help with . . . some Sacrament or something.” Poor Henry . . .
General interpretations: “The senses, the vehicle, the body, transitory life.”

Well, it seems that a full-spread Tarot theory works almost flawlessly! Who’d have guessed?! The big problem, as with the number theory is that it seems the traits for victims 14 and 15 are swapped! How strange that both theories are broken by the same two people! If they were switched everything would click so well! Interesting . . . has a mistake been made, Team Silent Hill? 14 ought to be Joseph and 15 should be Archbolt. This is terrribly interesting!

Pyramid Head Theory (which is also James/SH2 theory, but the majority of it is dedicated to PH.)

Pyramid Head:

"The creed of the pyramid is renaissance, the return to the life. ancients Egyptian were mummifying their deads and were disposing them in pyramids because their power was musting conduct their souls to a new birth.

The power of pyramids was basing on the foot of 3 dimensioned (In a lot of worships, this number is retaken, since it must be two to give the life, three signifier the rebirth."

Quote from Psychic Silent Hill

A very clever interpretation of the Pyramid Head man! The three-points theory is lost here, however, because PH’s helmet has 6 points. 2 in front, 2 at he peak, and 2 in the back. Still, he may represent rebirth, I suppose, but his role in the game seems to argue this.

Pyramid Head is believed to be solely a creation in James’ mind, whom he uses to punish and torture him for his sins. He is the physical manifestation of James’ guilt. Throughout the game you run into PH raping and otherwise tormenting the other creatures in Silent Hill.

The red-pyramid thing wears a butcher’s apron and tall black boots, along with his signature Pyramid hood. I will swear up and down that the man has a fucking tentacle under that hood! It’s present in the character sketches and if, during the battle with Pyramid Head (in the staircase, which really isn’t a battle because you are just trying not to get Great-Knifed to DEATH!) if you can get James up close to PH while he isn’t preparing to swing his knife, he will grab James by the neck, lift him up and the tentacle comes out and sucks life out of James! I swear, try it. It is NOT his goddamn arm!
PH also has deformed little hands, kinda like the Penguin from Batman, but he wears gloves, so don’t worry! He’s sterile, kids!

When you get the chance to steal PH’s Great Knife, take a look around. See the cages? Remember the picture of him at the Historical Society? Remember the ceiling Hangers in the room where Laura locks you up? Remember the Maria scene AND the final boss? Don’t tell me that Pyramid Head didn’t make them. Whaddya think he uses that great knife for? It’s my theory that he creates the monsters in Silent Hill to torment James. There are spare bodies in the Hospital, so it isn’t like he doesn’t have access to parts! And he wears a BUTCHER’S outfit. Come on! It seems obvious to me, but most disagree. That’s fine, ‘cuz I’m happy with my theory!

The Pyramid:
According to symbolism, there are several ways one can interpret this shape. Somehow, “it is symbolic of the earth in its maternal aspect.” I don’t quite understand why, but it probably goes WAY back into glyph history. It seems that it also “express(es) the twofold idea of death and immortality, both associated with the Great Mother.” In Silent Hill mythology, this makes perfect sense, because the religion revolves around the idea of God who is a woman. But it seems, that these interpretations only work, should the pyramid be hollow inside.
“Marc Sauneir has suggested the right approach to a more precise understanding of the problem.” Apparently, his theory is to break the Pyramid down into it’s basic shapes and interpret each on their own. Square shapes represent the Earth and fittingly, goes on the bottom of the Pyramid. The point “is the starting-point and the finishing-point of all things – the mystic ‘Centre’.” When you join these, you create the triangular sides of the pyramid. In terms of a three-faced pyramid, these are “fire, divine revelation and the threefold principle of creation.” However, Pyramid Head has four sides to his helmet, and thus this doesn’t quite fit. The number four, however, represents an equal, double division. “It is a symbol of order in space and . . . every other well-ordered structure.”
We have, two hands and two feet = 4. Animals have 4 legs. Etc.

It makes sense for PH to have a 4-sided helmet afterall, because he certainly demands order of his ranks.

If the eyes and/or face are covered by the helmet is represents hidden thoughts. The colour of one’s helmet “usually denotes the wearer’s prevailing shade of thought.”
“Further more, covering one’s head signifies invisibility, that is, death.” It is also a symbol of repression.
Who else TOTALLY fits the requirements for a hood/helmet? Our good friend, PH! And who needs repression? James0rz!

PH’s helmet just so happens to be red. What does this mean, in terms of symbolism? It represents intensity, and “pulsing blood and of fire, for the surging and tearing emotions.”
Red is also closely associated with death becauase it it, as I mentioned, the colour of blood. The only time you see red blood is when it has been spilled from the body, and therefore, it is viewed as negative. (Gee, go figure!) HOWEVER, because of it’s association with intensity, red is also a colour that represents love, one of the most intense human emotions. Conversely, it represents hate and violence just the same.

So it kind of seems as if the colour red is a swirl of confusion, which totally relates to James. His love for his wife, and his hatred towards himself. He needs the colour red on PH to remind him of the blood on his hands.

Walter_Sullivan brought to my attention that when you find the flashlight on the mannequin, it is wearing Mary’s clothes. Also, once you’ve received the flashlight, the creature hiding behind the Mary-mannequin is the mannequin-leg critter, whom PH is found raping. SOOOO there is a theory that Pyramid Head also represents James’ . . . manly-needs side. His sexual frustration because Mary can’t . . . ya know . . .

It makes me very sad to think that PH is only something that James made up, so I like to think of Pyramid Head as a sort of protector of Silent Hill. I mean, it’s my opinion that 2 of them were minions of PH. (the suicide twins with the eggs) The man with the great sword I regard as the true Pyramid Head because you cannot damage him at all. Hey, it makes me happy, okay?

I HAVE heard, but it has yet to be confirmed, that somewhere in Silent Hill 1 you can find a picture or drawing or something that depicts Pyramid Head. If you could please tell me whether or not this is true, I would very much appreciate it! I’m beginning to wonder whether or not somebody confused the Pyramid Hood wearing priests with him . . . so do let me know, thank you! (I played recently, I still don't see it . . .)

There are actual reasons for why Konami made all of the SH2 creatures as they did. They each represent different things to James. I.e.) The grotesquely deformed bubblehead nurses remind him of Mary’s time spent in the Hospital and how her illness uglified her on the outside as well as her personality. So do look them up because it’s quite insightful.

I have a Walter theory lying around SOMEWHERE out there on teh intarwebs but I can't seem to find it at the mo'!

But I'll dig that up if anyone is interested!

I spent a good deal of time on these and the first two are quite long! But I hope you'll read anyway!

Your friendly, neighbourhood, Demon Nurse 666
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