Mistress Legato (mistresslegato) wrote in shsociety,
Mistress Legato

*shake shake*

I'd like to think we're still an alive and kicking club! I hear something went horrible with our K-con table plans this year. (big surprise, considering pretyt much EVERYTHING else went wrong this year,too . . .)

I had plans for a photoshoot under the bridge for Silent Hill cosplay, bit I was the only one cosplaying . . .

SO kids, let's get our sh** together for Sakuracon and Kumoricon next year!

Let me see, I probably have new fanart to share with you guys since my last post . . .

OH! Great news! My Resident Evil (soon-t0-be-yaoi) doujinshi won two awards this year at Kumoricon! So huzzah!

Maria and Claudia

Commission from Deadly Pretty of her and Krauser
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