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Fun Silent Hill videos

To all my fellow Silent Hill lovers out there. ^^ Nobody has posted anything for a while, sooooo....

WHAAAH???? - Did YOU know that Cynthia was actually played by J-Lo? XD

There's one for Heather too, but it's not quite as fun. ^^

All it takes for a Kinder, Happier Silent Hill - I like that Walter has to correct the guy at the end. "Hey, what about meeeee? ;_;"

Night at the Silent Hill

Silent Hill Fukuro - Pyramid Head Porn @_o

All is Full of Love - Using the fukuro clips, creepy but.. cool... o.o;

Silent Hill Origins Trailer 2

Silent Hill Origins E3 Trailer

Pyramid Head - gettin jiggy

Pyramid Head 2 - DOES THE ROBOT

Has anyone else found fun videos or links?
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