Tee-Moss (tee_moss) wrote in shsociety,

Kumoricon '06 stuff

Never too soon to start planning!

I'm awaiting word back from the Kumoricon relations staff. I spoke with them about the Society and Pocky Club sharing a table so we would have less trouble manning it. I don't even have a pricing estimate right now, that's how far off it is. I wanted to check in with you guys and make surethat the Society is still going to be putting a table together.

We haven't really done much as a group yet, all of the ideas for get togethers haven't happened and the only idea of something integrated was the book readings. Which also fell through. I like you guys and what little I hear from all of you is great! I just want to make sure that we have the resources, both fiscal and human(-oid) to afford the table.

About the tables by the way... because of the limited space in the hotel this year they're planning on limiting the Artist Alley section (AKA, you aren't a vendor) to 1/2 a table each. this means that if we did share a table, each club would be paying a full share. Of course we don't know what the price is yet so it's still waiting.

I've got a bunch of other questions while I'm posting...
Have any of you guys been to look at the hotel yet?
Who's going up to Sakuracon?
Have any of you gotten to see Marebito?
Who is up for a get together on the opening night of Silent Hill, April 21st?
What do you guys thing of a gigantic camping trip on the Oregon Coast? Like in Astoria where, The Ring 2 was set?
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