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Stay Alive review

I just got back from the theater where I watched the new movie "Stay Alive".

This movie hits survival horror gamers where they live: what would happen if the game became reality? I know more than one friend who has jokingly plotted out how they would survive in a zombie-infested world, but what about malevolent spirits?

For a group of survival horror gamers, the line becomes blurry to nonexistant between the game world and the real world as they try to do just what the game title of their latest aquisition recommends, and "Stay Alive".

It's actually really well done, moreso than the preview leads you to believe. The story is not all that believeable in the end. The gore is relatively minimal (it's PG-13), but if you can sufficiently suspend your disbelief, this movie works and is... fun.

And frankly I loved hearing the game references and seeing survival horror gamers actually having to play for real. Even if the Silent Hill reference was supposed to be about 4 but sounded like a mishmosh of advice for earlier SH-games. Possibly because they didn't want to give away an actual spoiler.

I really enjoyed this movie overall, and I'd go see it again if anyone's up for it and I could get to you.
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I'd love to see it, and I plan on seeing it with Cat, and possibly Jacob, but if you can get to me it would be great, alas, you are in Oregon and I am in Washington *tear* (that wasn't a sarcastic tear btw) So sad about the Sakuracon thing, did your sister say hi for me?
No... she did not. Huh. I'll ask her about it. And yeah, that reminds me I really ought to post here about Sakuracon and the Official Membership Swag situation. I was going to bring stuff when I thought I was going to come and then couldn't.
yeah, I saw her boyfriend and asked him if he went to Kumoricon 'cause I recognized him, and I asked if you came up, and he explained it to me, and I told him to say hi, and then she came up and was all cuddly with him like I was flirting with him or something, and she explained everything to me *again* and she said she'd say hi for me, but whatever... We missed you! And there was this really really really good PH and nurse, it was awesome!