Tee-Moss (tee_moss) wrote in shsociety,


OK, having finally beaten SH4 (saved Eileen, not the apartment) I feel that I can honorably bring you guys some news.

At the recent Kumoricon Meeting this sunday I was told that a table spot in Artist's Alley will be $25. this is about half what their original estimate was. The society will need to contact Eric, who I think is the head of relations, at ehibitors@kumoricon.com

I've notified my Pocky Club members that we'll bee setting up a tablesitting schedule whenever the area is open and if you guys are still game, we can have our spots be at the same table (the fee mentioned above is for half a table). that way if we inform our people enough they'll be able to answer questions about both groups. I've also talked to staff and they say we'll have power available so that we can set up a TV and PS2 at our table. So when it's slow we can have movies running, or maybe play some Resident Evil ya know?

In more recent news, July is fast approaching and I would very much like us all to get together for a campout up at Fort Stevens. I think a weekend trip (maybe with Friday included if we can all get the days off) would be just enough for us to take a tour of the Fort and take some cool photos in the old ruins that dot the area. Not to mention see each other face to face. Unfortunately theres not much playing in July that would make a good matinee for the Society.

Even if we can't coordinate a simple day trip out to Fort Stevens, we should at least have some sort of get together before the convention. After all you guys, a society should try and be social. At least amongst ourselves. If anybody is still up for a weekend camping let us all know so we can try and request the same weekend off!

Oh and before I forget, when you get to the convention space, be sure to check out the sidewalk tunnel that leads across the grass and under the freeway. It's a nice concrete tunnel with dull orange lights and just enough water damage. It could be a great place to take some cosplay photos.
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