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Henry Townshend

Horror RPG Books: add your titles!

Given that we're going to have yet another member soon who is into this stuff, I'm going to move to do the same thing for RPG books that I did for DVDs and Games. Especially since if you don't collect these books from way back when they first came out they can get to be damn hard to find.

I may run a little game at a con or something at some point, if people want it, or maybe someone else will do it. I know we have one accomplished Game Master already in our midst... Anyway, here's what I own.

Big Eyes Small Mouth - Core Book (non-d20)
* Cold Hands, Dark Hearts

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Core Book

Changeling the Dreaming - Core Book (1st and 2nd Ed.)
* Denizens of the Dreaming
* Freeholds and Hidden Glens
* Immortal Eyes: The Toybox
* Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill
* Kithbook Eshu
* Kithbook Pooka
* Kithbook Redcaps
* Noblesse Oblige
* Players Guide

Cyberpunk - Core Book

Deadlands - Core Book (d20)
* Hell on Earth - The Junkman Cometh
* Hell on Earth - Road Warriors
* Horrors o' the Wasted West

Fairy Meat

Hunter The Reckoning - Core Book
* Hunter-Book: Defender

Mummy The Resurrection - Core Book

Mutants and Masterminds - Core Book
* Dan Breton's The Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion
* Noir

Vampire The Masquerade - Core Book
* Book of Nod
* Clanbook: Assamite WW 2059
* Clanbook: Brujah
* Clanbook: Gangrel WW 2052
* Clanbook: Giovanni WW 2063
* Clanbook: Malkavian WW 2053
* Clanbook: Malkavian WW 2353
* Clanbook: Nosferatu WW 2054
* Clanbook: Ravnos WW 2064
* Clanbook: Salubri WW 2822
* Clanbook: Setites WW 2060
* Clanbook: Toreador WW 2056
* Clanbook: Tremere WW 2057
* Clanbook: Ventrue WW 2058
* Elysium WW 2233
* New Orleans By Night WW 2209

Werewolf the Apocalypse - Core Book (Second Edition)
* Changing Breed Book 1: Bastet
* Changing Breed Book 4: Gurahl
* Dark Alliance: Vancouver
* Garou Saga
* Kinfolk Unsung Heroes
* Tribebook 1: Black Furies
* Tribebook 2: Bone Gnawers
* Tribebook 4: Fianna
* Tribebook 7: Red Talons
* Tribebook 8: Shadow Lords
* Tribebook 10: Silver Fangs
* Tribebook 12: Uktena
* Tribebook: Red Talons WW 3857
* Werewolf Player's Guide

Wraith The Great War - Core Book
* The Quick and the Dead
* Love Beyond Death
* Dark Kingdoms of Jade Adventures
* Mediums: Speakers with the Dead
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